About Us

Our firm was established due to an overwhelming demand from individuals looking to gain access to reputable alternative investments vehicles, at a fraction of the price.

Saharafx provides clients a genuine opportunity to participate and capture elevated, leveraged returns through passively investing in the forex market. Our goal is to offer the most profitable alternative investment products in the world through our proven algorithmic trading systems.

Our team contains experienced, professional traders who have developed their proven strategies in Quant math algorithms and demonstrated their ability to deliver stable returns over the long term for our clients as well as themselves.

Our Trading systems focus on short term market inefficiencies within the world’s currency markets. Often opportunities last all but a few seconds and only the most skilled and talented individuals are able to identify, capture and convert the opportunities consistently over the long term.


We work with investors who share our values and appreciate the sometimes volatile nature of forex trading as an investment vehicle. Elevated returns are not possible without elevated risk, however through careful trade management and a long term view we believe our alternative investment products possess the ability to outperform the broader market and deliver attractive returns for our clients and ourselves.

We recognise that all investors are different. Not everyone is happy allocating their investment capital to low interest investments such as banks and fixed interest accounts. Our products are designed for those investors willing to take on more risk in return for an opportunity to generate increased returns.


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