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Private Emerging and Self-Directed Traders

We are constantly working with talented traders (both emerging and private) who may be looking to take the next step in their careers and start trading managed accounts for investors. We can help save time, money, and frustration, and if the trading and history falls in line with our principals, you may be able to trade managed accounts for us and our clients.

Helping Self-Directed
Private Traders
Money Manager

When we see pure talent we get excited and we sure know a good trader when we see one. For those traders that we feel seriously have a good chance of on-going success (based on many factors) we may be able to assist in building your business or packaging your trading into a managed product. We can assist in the structuring, brokerage selection, software choices, risk profile, analysis, verification, branding, and marketing among other services. Many traders try to tackle this themselves, which is often a mistake as it turns out to be much more work than most originally believe, and distracts them from doing what they do best – trading!  We can offer the support, experience, contacts, and service required to properly grow such a business.

In some cases we can work in a partnership fashion and offer your products under our name/brand, or provide private funding for your trading. Please note, that we have more than enough high potential traders coming across our desk daily, to the point that it is almost gets overwhelming.  First and foremost, we look for a lengthy and profitable track record first, and then for responsible and proper risk and money management practices (which are clearly defined).  If after seeing this, our initial due diligence has been met, we like to watch or test their trading ability with read only access or a live real money account for some time before moving forward.  Once a comfort level has been reached on both sides, we would look at the best way to forge a partnership together. This is based solely on the trader’s experience, track record, performance, goals, and their risk profile.

Interested parties are urged to contact us via our contacts page. This component of Saharafx is a full-time job in itself, so please – serious inquiries only. We won’t look at any money managers without a 9 month long (absolute minimum) continuous and verifiable track record or trade history.